Slow Down...

September 28, 2017

I wish I could explain the need in my life to be reminded to slow down. Sometimes I want time to slow down, other times I want special moments to slow down. You would think that in my line of work I would understand that it is necessary to slow down in order to be “in tune” with God’s voice and purpose for my everyday life experience. Yet, I still find myself with a desperate need to be reminded daily to slow down, and I am noticing more and more that God uses everyday situations around me as a reminder.


I’m reminded to slow down when I see a six-year-old boy at St Frances fighting for his life and a mom who is so desperately clinging to God for his healing and restoration that she won’t leave his side for a second.


I’m reminded to slow down when in the office next to me there is a faithful woman who waited for seven days to hear from her mom who is in Puerto Rico living through one of the worst recorded hurricanes in history.


I’m reminded to slow down when I hear beautiful music coming from the Family Life Center as I walk down the hall at the central campus, and I peek my head in to find an elderly blind man sitting at the keys having the time of his life playing old songs that he knows by memory and sound.


I’m reminded to slow down when both of my kids leave the house to start a new semester in college, and the noise of life and activities that has become so familiar over the years ceases to exist and my house suddenly gets so quite that’s it’s confusing.


I’m reminded to slow down when I read the scriptures and see that Jesus was surrounded by people, and tasks, and busyness constantly, but still retreated to the hills by himself to find a quiet place to be with God.

Life is an incredible adventure, filed with all kinds of experiences, and I think we miss so many beautiful moments because we forget to slow down. What’s our hurry? I hear so many times people say things like, “there’s just not enough hours in the day” or “where has the time gone”. Life is fast, and if we aren’t careful, we are going to miss the special things that God is putting right in front of us every day because we are not reminding ourselves to slow down. Babies grow up to fast, people pass on to the next life in the blink of an eye, daily tasks keep piling up, and schedules are getting filled to the brim every day. Slow down. God will not shout above the noise you allow to drown Him out. God will not compete for time on your schedule. God will not chase after you just to play second fiddle to your activities and events. But...God will also never leave you and never forsake you. God is closer to you than your next breath. He is always waiting for you to seek Him and the promise is that, “If you seek Him with all your heart, you will find Him.”-Jeremiah 29:13. God is at work, at this very moment, behind the scenes in your life and He is putting things right in front of you that He wants you to notice and experience. Do things need to get done? Yes. Do deadlines have to be met and errands have to be run? Of course. Can you do it in your own power and still be sane at the end of the day? Only if you slow down and let God fill you with His presence. We are in desperate need of God, and sometimes we find ourselves going through life so fast that we don’t even notice.


So here is a reminder...slow down, and find the beauty, the rest, the energy, and the inspiration of God’s presence today. God bless you!

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