Appetite Spoiled

August 17, 2017

Wednesdays are always a bit chaotic for my spouse and I.  We both have full-time jobs that create quite a bit of travel for both of us, yet we try to schedule our busy weeks so that we have Wednesdays and Sundays open for our commitments with church.  Honestly, though, that means trying to squeeze too much into too few hours of a day to make it all happen.  We have a silent understanding that no cooking will be done as we rush from our jobs in town and usually from the airport to the church to start rehearsal for Sunday's service.  Yesterday was no different.  As we sat in one of the few cafes in our small town, trying to pour in some fuel to make it through a long evening, my spouse couldn't help but to notice (and unfortunately point out) an extra-ordinarily large grasshopper on the window right behind my head.  Thankfully, the interesting critter was on the outside.  Regardless, we both got a close-up view of all of his bits and parts as it creeped along.  I really didn't think about it much, other than I was glad he was outside and I was in, but moments later, we both realized that our appetites were gone.  The food didn't seem all that interesting, and we were ready to move along. 


I think the same can be said when we get a close-up view of others.  And more importantly, when others get a close-up view of us.  As followers of Christ, I think we need reminders that others are watching from the other side of the window, perhaps.  We think we might be creeping along, minding our own business, but there may be someone looking, watching, listening, and possibly even losing their appetite over our behavior.  They might not even be that aware of it, and we may not be aware of it.  Sometimes even a subtle conversation or behavior can make either a negative or positive impact on those we encounter.


Our simple conversations can be either life-giving or depleting.  Our attitudes can either lift people to hope and encouragement, or leave them looking at a darker side of things. People often think the glass-half-full or glass-half-empty trait is set characteristic, but for those striving to be a Disciple of Christ, we need to work on showing light, giving hope, and being positive, for the Lord is our joy.  The Lord is our strength.  Life is good and we have peace in all things, because our God is in control of it all, and He will never leave us or betray us.  If we are true Disciples of Christ, we should be leaving all those we encounter with a hunger for more.


Lord, help me to display You more often in even the small moments of my life when someone might be watching.  Forgive me when I let the enemy have his way with my attitude, opinions, and behaviors.  Let there be Light in Me for others to see, for Your sake and for Your glory. Amen.



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