VESSEL is a satellite of

Claremore First United Methodist Church


Where We Are

1301 W. Country Club Road

Claremore, OK 74017


When Jesus was crucified and then came back briefly to visit the disciples, he told them in John 14:16 that he was going to leave them with the Holy Spirit to be their advocate, and to live IN them forever.  Not WITH them, but IN them.  The Holy Spirit is often illustrated as wind, and when wind fills the sails of a boat, a vessel, it has power to move in the direction that the wind is blowing. When the Holy Spirit fills us, is IN us, we have the power to move in the direction Jesus Christ intends for us.  It’s not our job to determine which way we want the wind to blow, but to adjust our sails to the direction in which the wind of the Holy Spirit is already blowing.

How We Came To Be

Jesus Christ

is the foundation of

Christian living

and why we gather to

worship, pray, learn,

and serve each week.